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Plate of confit fingerling potatoes on a wood cutting board with a fork and blue linen napkin

Fingerling Potato Confit

Rich and decadent, these potatoes are so much more than just another starchy side dish. Make a few extras in case you can’t resist snacking on them before they make it to the dinner plate!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Servings 2 as a side dish
Calories 400 kcal


  • 1 pound fingerling potatoes
  • fat to cover the potatoes (mild olive oil, duck fat, or a combination)
  • salt


  • Confit the potatoes. Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise and place into a pot or pan along with enough fat (olive oil, duck fat, or a combination) to just cover them. Cook at a very gentle simmer over low heat until fork-tender, about 20 minutes. Drain the potatoes, reserving the fat for another use. Immediately sprinkle the potatoes with salt.
  • Fry the potatoes. Transfer the potatoes to a preheated pan on the stove, cut side down. (No need to add more oil!) Cook on medium-high heat until the cut sides are golden brown, about 5 minutes. Flip over and cook for 5 more minutes on their backs, then serve immediately.